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Dai Nam Travel is an agency in Hanoi connects with all LOCAL and TOURIST buses/ bus companies in Vietnam. We book  bus tickets to different destination inside and outside of Vietnam.


we are always ready serve the diverse needs of customer such as car rental travel, picnic, wedding, city tour, go to the airport, car rental for day, in weeks, in month…


Vietnam is well – known as a beautiful and safe country in the world. You can easily find hotels, restaurants and daily trip in most of everywhere in Vietnam. Therefore, its is a good way to just book a transportation to get to different places and do whatever appears in your mind wants. Dont get any stressful time by following other people in a group tour. In this way, we is really helpful for travellers who prefer to do things by themselves with freedom.

In Vietnam, there are a lot of amazing moutain, ocean view destinations in small cities/ villages. People do not know much about them cause there are still not any group tours to go there everyday. So Dai Nam Travel is a good choice to book only transportation and enjoy the real beauty of Vietnam.

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Bus is the most popular way for travelers on a tight budget to choose. Traveling by bus allows traveler to stop in any destination and stay as long as they like at reasonable prices. Although, compared with train, bus hardly can give passengers a comfortable trip, it’s still a hard-to-beat means of transportation in Vietnam.

If you want to discover thoroughly a certain place and gain more local experiences, public buses are an option worth considering. They run many of the same routes everyday and also additional routes throughout Vietnam.

Though, there are areas in which public buses are forbidden to access, such as District 1 and 3 in Ho Chi Minh City or the Old Quarter in Hanoi…. So, for the sake of yourself, you should get a map of the main routes of each city’s public buses on sale at bookstores.
Tickets can be purchased directly at the bus stations or on buses at low prices. However, you should acknowledge the discomfort when having to take bus or taxi go and back to the bus station to book tickets in advance incase it will be full. So please check out what we offer here to get better idea to plan your trip.
To give more information, please contact us:
Phone number: 0911 181 336  – (Mr. Kevin Lee)

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